One thing nice here in Cary is the library system. They libraries are large and very inviting. I have enjoyed just sitting in them and reading, plus there are tons of books. Just spent the day at the one at Cameron Village in Raleigh while Quinn was in a chess tournament. It was nice watching the people – all sorts. For some reason, made me feel less lonely, although I didn’t have any interaction. But the people are a lot different that the ones I see at Colonial Beach or Montross.

Today’s stay at the library made me anxious to get things going back at Driftwood. I seem to feel a lot better about things, not as devastated by Pat’s actions, a lot more stable. So, I look forward to creating a space at Driftwood, organizing it, and the like.

Plus, I feel a lot better about working at the winery. For one, I feel good about working. I may be old, but I’m not dead. I know I can still do the winery, especially the boat. Plus, I feel confident that my age isn’t a real factor, that I will have the job as long as I want and can do it. No one else wants to do the boat, so I’m it! What I need to do now is just plan around whatever pay I get. I hope to set aside one paycheck for me, one for paying on the credit card, and the rest for savings. I don’t want to be obsessed about getting the $2,000.

Then, the idea of coming back to Cary for next winter is quite good. That way I won’t have the high expense of heat, plus I won’t have the loneliness.

So, things are looking up.

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