McGuires Wharf

McGuiresWharfRoad_0002 OrtonWeb

McGuiresWharfRoad_0004OldHouse OrtonWeb


McGuiresWharfRoad_0015 OldPier OrtonWeb


McGuiresWharfRoad_0018 OrtonWeb


McGuiresWharfRoad_0020 OrtonWeb


McGuiresWharfRoad_0023 CrabPotsOrtonWeb


McGuiresWharfRoad_0027 RoadSigns OrtonWeb

McGuires Wharf Rd. takes off from Cople Highway and juts into Nomini Creek. Lots of abandoned places. Seems like one seafood plant, but no activity the day I was there. What was interesting was on the way out, this deer loped alongside of me on the other side of a fence. Not sure if it was racing, or what. Seemed quite happy.

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