Music a Distraction?

One important aspect of Solitude is the environment. To be in Solitude is basically to be quiet. This quiet is within, of course, but if the environment isn’t quiet, the depth of one’s solitude and inner quiet is compromised.
I realized this sharply today when I left my radio off. Normally, I have music – classical music – going all the time. I turn it on first thing, and leave it on all day. I love music. Music seems to soothe me. So I didn’t see it as an obstacle to my Solitude. Until today, that is. Today I left it off. And the Silence stood out strongly. I felt calmer. I was able to do those things I wanted to do and then to lie down with my Kindle and read. I was more aware of my self, my body, my mind that I think I was with the music going.
Perhaps the music was a distraction – something that took my awareness away and into directions of its own. And distractions, even those perhaps, seems to have stood in my way in the past. Like they would draw me out of my own self, my own awareness, and dump me into another world, perhaps a world of memory, of excitement, of someplace else.
So I’m going to leave the radio off and see what happens.

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